It's 1 June, 2281. Tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are higher than ever. The only thing preventing all-out war is the supposed power of the Organians.

The Klingons and their Lyran allies are currently at war with the Kzinti and the Hydrans. The Kzinti homeworld was devastated early this year, but a Hydran fleet in Klingon space caused enough trouble to turn attention away from the Kzinti before the planet could be captured.

On the other side of the Federation, the Gorn and Romulan borders are uneventful. Aside from a nearly-disastrous first contact, the Gorn have rapidly become the Federation's closest ally, while the Romulans have been relatively quiet since they signed a treaty with the Klingons just over a decade ago.

No one knows what to make of the Tholians.

For a brave and resourceful starship pilot, the stars are filled with untold opportunities. After what feels like years of scrimping and saving, you have finally scraped together enough credits to buy your own ship—a small but sturdy cargo shuttle.

You begin your journey orbiting the neutral port of Levo, a backwater world of islands and ocean. The rest of the galaxy awaits you, offering great wealth or a quick death. Your actions will decide which. Good luck.